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Community Of Sophisticated Investors Learning About Private 420 Firms.

As the emerging trend of marijuana legalization sweeps across the global economy, the industry offers investors unprecedented growth potential. (As with any opportunity to earn profits, there is always the risk of loss. Information is critical to making better investment decisions.)

Public opinion towards marijuana regulation is reaching a tipping point, where recreational and medicinal usage is increasingly accepted. 

With no stalwart incumbents, the sector is just at the beginning of what could be a meteoric surge in demand for legal cannabis.

The nascent industry will likely grow from its extremely fragmented state to one that will become more consolidated, with many new entrants and larger companies that will build operations and buy their way in.

The brainchild of Alan Brochstein (420 Investor), 420 Funders is an online community for sophisticated investors seeking to capitalize on cannabis.

At 420 Funders, investors join executives from privately held marijuana companies to gather the most important information and insights.

As a subscriber you will enjoy:

  • Actionable information on privately held marijuana companies
  • An exclusive forum for company executives and sophisticated investors to discuss information, ideas, and insights
  • Access to send secure private messages to any other member of the community

420 Funders is designed to serve sophisticated investors. 

In the United States, most private companies will accept investments only from "accredited investors." To determine if you meet the definition of an "accredited investor," click here

This website does not recommend the purchase or sale of any securities and does not offer or sell, or facilitate the offer or sale, of any securities. This website does not determine the qualification of any subscriber as an investor or the suitability of any investment for any subscriber. The availability of capital investment, and the terms and conditions of any capital investment, via a private placement of securities in any listed company will be determined exclusively by the company and its counsel without any involvement whatsoever by Marketfy or 420 Funders. Certain private companies listed on this website may not be in the market for or be willing to accept any capital investment from subscribers.

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