11/09/2017 Morning Buzz - members only

"There are signs of buyers hesitation BUT markets ARE still dangerously bullish."

  • US markets are red -15 pts on the S&P #ES. No specific headline perhaps just a confluence of events including political unrest here and abroad. I reiterate my statement that we should revisit 2550- eventually
  • Transports & Financials are in trouble (charts below).
  • Levels: 2433<S>2452<2456<2469<2475<2480>2489<2505>2532<10/25 Dip<2553<We are here>2590 (ALMOST there)> 2600+?
    • YELLEN/RATES: October QT (Bal sheet) Dec Fed Rate Hike? They said they won't surprise us.
    • TRUMP: TAX REFORM? Thanksgiving milestone? Done by Christmas?
    • Central Banks: BOE rate hike/BREXIT? ECB taper (Draghi)
    • TRUMP: Geopolitical risk? I assume worst case and make folio be ready.
    • TRUMP: Fiscal spending: Feds do not expect it til 2018.
    • Dec Debt Limit Deadline
    • TRUMP: HEALTHCARE (dead for now) Time line? Headline mode.
  • SECTORS: I don't necessarily update the charts every day
    • Gold Trading perfectly inside our range.
    • OIL Saudi Arabia unrest. Upside risk is warranted.
    • Banks Lost trend line and it could have more downside just from that..
    • Transports: #IYT if 175.9 fails = technically breakdown.
    • Mega-Tech Tight and move is coming.
    • Biotech: BIG correction happened. Technically in trouble. BIG Trump threat.


  • S&P e-mini older imp LEVELS
    • Recent: 2433ish > 2422ish > 2400 cluster > 2388ish cluster > 2340 ish.
    • >2214/19<, 2228, 2250, 2260/68, 2272/2278, 2292/95 (old battle zone), 2313, 2319, 2328+. 2335, 2356, 2363/66S/R, 2371+ to 2379.
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