03/31/2021 Recap - members only

Big UP day so we have new all time highs from the SPX for example.
- Forecast still spot on.
- Should I short? No. I could scalp short term wins. Also I would fix trades that this pops helps.
- I can chase specific breakouts too. There are a few of them.
- I will share 1 in the IWM (Small caps). HERE is the picture that shows how we are breaking out of the circle from the recap video I did on Friday. It has legs for another $3 ish. (am already long RUT)
Why the rally? The why doesn't matter. The facts support more upside in the markets. Only sentiment is the variable. the other two components are set to "bull" mode (structure and money flow)

Posted to Create Income with Options … on Mar 31, 2021 — 2:03 PM

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