Question About Buying Calls in AG

Someone asked me if it is ok to buy AG June 17 calls
Here are my thoughts. I am sharing them because it's the same process for every trade I consider.
1) I'd ask why? meaning I need to have a thesis before i buy anything.
2) In this case I'd have to also check the SLV Silver performance.
Here is an update to my chart. So far perfect trace of my trajectory.
3) June 17 call is getting lots of action that is not usually a reason for me to chase them but it's a proper way to bet on upside potential from AG
4) My AG chart comments: I don't have a "trigger" until 16.7++ at least.
Usually i say NTNT (no TRIGGER no trade) OR (no THESIS no trade).
If you have either then you are fine.
By the way: "i think it will go up" is not a thesis.
I think it will go up because xyz ok.


Posted to Create Income with Options … on Apr 23, 2021 — 11:04 AM

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