420 Investor Weekly Review 09/09/22


BDSA data for July showed continued modest growth in most of the states that they track sequentially in July. Mature markets in the West fell dramatically from a year ago. Hifyre data suggests that Canadian retail cannabis sales fell slightly from a record in July to C$402.6 million in August. Illinois released its medical cannabis data for August, which suggested that the overall cannabis sales during the month were down 3.8% sequentially to $158.4 million and up 2.5% from a year ago.

I distributed this written material to 420 Investor subscribers during the week:

Here are some of this week's highlights for Focus List names:

  • AAWH reported an investigation into its CEO regarding a domestic-related misdemeanor. It was able to secure a $15 million CAPEX lease facility from XS Financial.
  • AYRWF announced that its partner in Connecticut won a provisional adult-use license in the state.
  • CGC announced the debut of "with Love, for Peace" limited-edition VOLCANO CLASSIC.
  • CRLBF closed a sale-leaseback in Pennsylvania with Aventine Property Group, selling the cultivation asset for $45 million.
  • JUSHF debuted cannabis-infused chocolates by Tasteology in Massachusetts.
  • TLLTF took third place in the Cultivators Cup in Massachusetts with its NF1 Badder.
  • TLRY will be advising German regulators regarding adult-use legalization there.
  • VRNOF closed the acquisitions of two operating dispensaries in Nevada and an active cultivation facility (Sierra Well). It also opened its 15th store in Pennsylvania.

There were comments in over 120 discussions in the Forum. Don't miss out on this most informative part of 420 Investor! Not familiar with the the Forum? This video will help! This is a great way to track your favorite tickers, even those not on the Focus List, and to get your questions answered quickly.

Please check the Focus List, (which has technical, fundamental and valuation ratings as well as a market-cap table). To help track market caps, we maintain tables for the Canadian LPs and the American cannabis operators and ancillary companies.

Market Performance

The Global Cannabis Stock Index rose 0.5% during the week to 14.75, still holding its 52-week after making a new all-time closing low of 14.21 on 9/6 . This trailed the S&P 500, which rose 3.7%:

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