Cannabis Stock Outlook 2014: Survey Results

These are exciting times!  Colorado will be the first state to allow legal cannabis to adults in just hours.  I decided to survey investors regarding their views on several issues.  The results below are for 77 respondents.  

PHOT took first place with 48% of the vote.  TRTC was a distant 2nd place at 17%, while GWPH was the only other double-digit recipient (13%).  

Investors expect at least one company to uplist next year.

Those who had an opinion overwhelmingly expect MDBX to not meet its guidance of registering with the SEC by the end of Q1.

While many didn't express an opinion, almost half of those surveyed expect that Dixie will separate from MJNA.

Steep Hill Halent announced recently that it expects to IPO in Q1.  Apparently no one cares!

14% of those surveyed believe that GWPH will be acquired.

For those who had an opinion, most thought that Jamen Shively will deliver on his projection to open a high-end cannabis store.

The vast majority of respondents are expecting more legalization approvals this year, with 79% expecting at least 2 additional states.

Almost 2/3 of respondents think that the federal government will legalize domestic production of industrial hemp.

We will be conducting more surveys in the future - please send me a message if you have some topics you would like us to explore.  Also, we surveyed members of 420 Investor separately.  The 2014 Best Stock according to them is a bit different from the results on the non-member survey, as were a few of the other answers.

If you are new to the sector and want to learn more, we offer a free e-book that you can download here.  Happy New Year!

Posted to Your Cannabis Analyst on Dec 31, 2013 — 3:12 PM
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