Personal Disclosure

Updated 1/30/23

In order to provide complete transparency to our members, I have created this document, which is available to the public, to address any concerns about potential conflicts of interest.

Since 2014, I have been covering the cannabis sector and have worked in several capacities with public and private companies. In order to provide our subscribers with an unbiased platform, I have sold all of my positions in cannabis stocks and will not invest in publicly-traded cannabis stocks. While this may disappoint to some of you, my intent is to avoid anything that could affect my objectivity.

Given my background in the cannabis industry, I closely follow cannabis stocks and conduct thorough research on the companies we cover. My investors relations experience has greatly improved my understanding of the cannabis sector. Specifically, I know if a company is conducting a marketing/investor relations campaign and will be able to provide insight on these types of operators. Due to this, our readers will better understand why a stock is trending higher as we will highlight the companies that are engaging investor relations service providers.

In late 2016, I started to work with cannabis companies and provided investor relations services to many public and private companies. Currently, we work with a few companies in a consulting or investor relations capacity. In order to provide the best service, I do not plan to cover any companies that I have agreements with. At this time, I am working with the following companies: Cannara Biotech, Body and Mind, and Heritage Cannabis. If we sign a new client, our readers will be the first to know and we will immediately update our disclosures and stop covering such company on this platform.

As I have previously indicated, if I enter into any consulting arrangements with private companies, I will disclose the nature of any such relationships and will stop coverage on the platform.

While I have no current arrangements to refer accredited investors to companies seeking capital, I may do so in the future. If so, I will disclose the nature of my compensation.

I am not a financial advisor or a registered investment advisor. In no way should anyone infer that I am providing individual investment advice. As a result, I do not touch the assets (securities, cash) of any subscribers, nor do I have any authority to make investment decisions on their behalf.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the cannabis sector. I operate with a service first attitude and am willing to spend time to answer the questions from any subscriber. My goal with this platform to provide actionable information on the cannabis sector and to highlight companies that are flying under the radar. If a subscriber ever needs to discuss a certain topic or company, you will have complete access to me, and I will be able to answer any question to the best of my abilities.

Should you have any concerns or questions about my conduct or practices, please contact me.

Posted to Your Cannabis Analyst on Feb 01, 2014 — 1:02 PM
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