Who are 420 Investors?

This is the second survey of 420 Investor subscribers.  The results of the first one were based on 222 responses in late January (out of 419 members at the time), and we had 327 this time (out of approximately 1250 members).  The survey was the exact same with the exception of the last question.

Like we learned in the initial survey, we are quite diverse by age. The only difference I see is that our community is a bit more skewed towards those 50 and older than before.  The under-thirty crowd dropped from about 24% to about 15%.

I have read that investment newsletters and chat-rooms tend to have about 5% females, so, while 10.4% is low, it appears to be higher than what one would expect.  Last time, it was 6.8%.  I have to say that while outnumbered, our ladies make up for it in their strong contributions to the community.  

The results here are very important:  We all need to be aware that the powerful theme is drawing new investors into the market.  We are working on addressing the opportunity to educate novice investors - today's webinar is the first of what will be several efforts to do a better job on this front.  The numbers are identical essentially to what we learned in the last survey, with 82% of you identifying yourselves as somewhat experienced or novice.

The numbers here changed, but I think that's because many of you have made a lot of money recently!  The sweet spot for our subscribers is $25K to $500K, with 57% in that category compared to 52% in the last survey.

Last time I got a question about how can one have more than 100% in the cannabis stocks, and the answer is margin.  58% of you have more than half your portfolio in the sector compared to almost 50% in the last survey. 

Last time, 11.3% identified as accredited, similar to the 10.7% today.

Note to self:  Get cracking!  The "yes" response compares to 65.3% last time.  This will likely happen before year-end, and I would like to be part of it.  I know that investors are clearly ready, but I wonder if the market is ready.  With that said, we are going to have much better companies from which we can select very soon.  Also, Marketfy will be launching an index for the market this week, and this will serve as a "benchmark" by which a fund can be measured.  Stay tuned - I hear you!

There was a big change here.  Last time, 28% reported everyday use compared to 21% this time.  At the other extreme, the "never" crowd represents 11.6% compared to 14.0%, while the "more than a decade" rose from 12.2% to 17.4%.  

Well, fewer people are unaware.  The "no way" rose slightly as did the "maybe", but the "love it crowd" fell from 32% to 28.4%.  I think this reflects the aging of our community.

Book early, friends!  This is going to be a great time.  Details very soon...

Posted to 420 Investor on Mar 15, 2014 — 3:03 PM
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