GrowBLOX "Blows" It

GrowBLOX Sciences (GBLX) posted a press release this morning. This company has spent an enormous amount of money on p.r. and investor relations and has pushed the envelope (using GoogleAds, for instance, to promote its ticker). Shockingly, the company misspelled its name TWICE in the same press release:

They also really mangled this first sentence, with plenty of misplaced commas as well as an awkward conclusion "on Huffington Post Article" and then left the last sentence as a single word (For).

This wouldn't be a big deal, but IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE!

They called themselves "Growbox" in this SEC filing on May 9th:

They also had to reissue a press release in April after calling themselves "GlowBLOX":

The bottom line is that if you can't do the little things, how can you do the big things? GBLX has a very interesting story that they are paying a ton to get out, but they are failing to deliver on promises, like the live webcam demonstration promised 6 weeks ago:

Mr. Ellins plans on issuing a shareholder update later this week to include images of the GrowBLOX(TM) Cultivation Chamber. The Company also plans to implement a webcam inside the GrowBLOX(TM) Cultivation Chamber that will stream a live video on the corporate website of the actual grow process.

Not following through and not paying attention to detail are traits that will likely keep a lid on this stock.

Posted to Benzinga PotProfits on Sep 11, 2014 — 9:09 AM
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