Election Survey 11/03/14 - Public Survey

420 Investor conducted a survey for the public that was exactly the same as its internal survey.  The public survey, which was posted on Twitter and Facebook, consisted of six questions and was open for 50 hours, closing at 9 A.M. EDT on 11/03, the exact same time-frame as the 420 Investor survey of its own community, which received about 200 responses. Please note that this is not a scientific survey - it is just a snapshot of sentiment of those who chose to respond. 

The overall results suggest that respondents expect all four of the marijuana initiatives on the ballot tomorrow to pass.  The 420 Investor community had similar responses for all but Florida, where fewer than half expect it to pass, about 1/4 expect it to fail and about 1/3 are unsure.

The results also indicate that respondents are quite bullish on the market, a bit more so than 420 Investor subscribers with respect to how the month of November plays out but similar in terms of the week.  For this week, about 68.6% of the respondents expect the index to rise by 5% roughly or more.  For the month, 74.5% are expecting a 10% or greater move and only 7.8% expect a decline.

To those who participated, thank you!

Posted to Your Cannabis Analyst on Nov 03, 2014 — 12:11 PM
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