Hemp Hucksters?

I saw a press release today for "Organic CBD oil made in America GreenLeaf Farms" that asserts that the company is "the first company to offer true all organic CBD oil made in America". The press release has two images, both of which link to the same page, near the bottom:

The website is: http://greenleaf.farm/investment-opportunity/

The investment pitch suggests:

Investment is in the common stock of the company. These shares entitle the holder to a fixed 25% ROI in 18 months.

Wow! That can't be legal to promise a return, can it? Here is the executive summary,

There are material math mistakes in their pretend P&L statement:

To their credit, unlike many outright scams, these guys include their names:

Stanley Abbott's bio above fails to include material information about his business dealings, as he is an executive at Phoenix Pharms Capital Corporation , the entity that is involved with (and controls) MediJane Holdings (MJMD). Given that this entity is similar to PPCC, one wonders why it isn't mentioned. Perhaps because it has been such a colossal failure!

Todd Mauney appears to be bad news. FINRA offers a "broker check", and his report indicates a sordid history:

The company misspells Mohyuddin Mirza, who appears to be accomplished in greenhouse farming. He appears to be consulting to Sundial Growers in Canada, which is an MMPR applicant that claims to be awaiting final inspection.Greenleaf Industries filed its incorporation in Texas on June 22nd, just 6 weeks ago. There is no indication that any principals have actually invested a dime in this enterprise thus far.

One final note is that the company stated it has a product for sale, including a price:

The first product GreenLeaf Farms is offing (sic) is a $99 500mg CBD oil tincture.

The website doesn't indicate that the product is actually yet for sale, so this looks misleading to use the word "is" rather than "will".

BOTTOM LINE: Be very careful of companies pitching products that don't exist, asking for investment with ridiculous assumptions and false (and probably illegal) promises of high returns, and engaging people with questionable backgrounds to help them raise capital.

Posted to 420 Investor on Aug 02, 2015 — 4:08 PM
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