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Alan Brochstein’s 420 Investor is the go-to community for investors to learn, explore, and profit from the marijuana companies. The main goal of 420 Investor is to provide real-time, objective information about the top marijuana companies in the market in order to help investors capitalize on cannabis.


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Before I became the leading “Cannabis Financial Analyst” in the marijuana industry, I spent decades on the inside of the investment industry as a portfolio manager. Prior to earning my CFA charter in 1997, I worked in NYC for Kidder, Peabody, & Co.…

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Think the whole sector would be better off with out a jerk like Brockstein. Highly questionable past SEEKING ALPHA actions on his part makes all investors question his agenda. Seems down right evil thus far. Think THAT LOOSER NEEDS TO SMOKE A BOWL & CHILL THEN GET A LIFE. FREE PALESTINE!!!

I've not been happy with the stock picks. Alan does seem to do a good amount of DD but he also sticks with some tickers that long have had scam written all over them. One can only speculate as to why.

Alan puts a lot of time and energy into this site. It is definitely tough being a newer member dealing with veteran members on this site. They will defend, attack, and berate to get their point across and if you disagree on a favorable stock they own it won't end well. Be very careful looking at the gains/losses from these portfolios. A few things to note he doesn't pay any commissions or fees and automatically gets executed on every trade. That isn't as concerning as on the trade alerts dealing with penny stocks members flock into these alerts almost instantly giving him on average a 10%+ gain in seconds. When he sells stocks you get a similar event where he gets a chance to re-enter the trade at a lower price. I am not saying not to give the site a try this is just information I wish I had before I joined. Lastly although he states he hasn't traded a marijuana stock with real money I did see that on his other site NCV he does accept money from various companies which is a conflict of interest.

There is a growing lack of respect for chatters with different points of view in the chat room. Some chatters are telling other to STFU (shut the fuck up)...labeling contributors as "bashers" when opinions are shared contrary to what other chatters believe....calling people "trolls"....it is just getting worse. Something needs to be done when a member has a different point of view and then is abused in the chat room for that point of view. I can give names of the chatters that are abusive.

Tried listening to the Derek Peterson conference via the Chat Room today, and it was a very frustrating experience. The audio worked 30% of the time. In the future, can we be provided with a # to dial in? I won't attempt to use the chat w/ audio again b/c it isn't working properly. -Steve

This news is quite old and needs updating.

I would like to have one of the portfolio be on a positive side since this is mid August.

The Maven is great, but the program being used is outdated and needs to be updated to have better setup, looks, security etc.... Outdated programs run the risk of security breaches which put us all at risk.

This has become e-Harmony. These are lonely, sad, and now broke people who need to take their meds. I want my money back.

This is getting hard to watch.....There is nothing wrong with the SEC. There is something definitely amiss with the medical marijuana space.

Cancel my account denniss999@aol.com

Sometimes feels like we are buying high and selling low. Suffered lots of real losses following these trades. I value the site for DD but don't feel AB has a handle on the market trends.

Following the trade alerts almost wiped out my portfolio. This guy is one of the worst traders ever. I did better on my own.

Good community but poor stock calls, needs to be able to tell people to get out when the industry is cashing instead of just saying buy more.

Alan is a great guy who is really talented and seems to be an expert here. However, I'm very surprised that he makes some terrible recommendations. He recommended PHOT, CANN, and VAPE as the best and most reliable companies to buy and hold long term. Well, they have been absolutely horrendous calls. There is too much pump and dump in this sector, and Alan doesn't do a good job steering people away from them; he seems to add to them.