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The banking sector is in a unique position and the result is what Tim Melvin has branded, “The Trade of The Decade.” This newsletter will provide you all the information needed, in one easy-to-read monthly report, to stay ahead of the banking sector and identify opportunities produced from "Great Banking Consolidation"


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As a 27-year veteran of the financial services and investment industry I’ve served as a broker, advisor, and portfolio manager. I’ve combined this nearly three decades of experience with my love of value investing in order to help investors worldwi…

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Excellent knowledge of community banking and its need for consolidation. Melvin provides in depth financial analysis and back up information as to how. he reaches an opinion on his bank stock selections. Not to mention he is a good writer. In short you are never bored reading his stuff.

I am a relatively new subscriber to Banking on Profit, but so far I have been impressed with the breadth and depth of analysis of each monthly newsletter. Having followed Tim's stock suggestions in the "non-subscriber" columns for some time, I have come to realize that much of what he says makes a great deal of sense. Another feature that I really like is Tim's accessibility and willingness to respond to questions and concerns regarding stocks. For the money spent, Banking on Profit looks to be a real winner.

great letter every month

Very good stuff in depth research I couldn't find the time that Tim Melvin has to do the research and he has seen this thing happen before

so far so good. Melvins recs seem visionary. This is a long term portfolio build up, lets see how it stands unto market volatility.

Great product! It makes money, not costs it.

Very Impressive Melvin

Once again, Tim Melvin outdoes himself with outstanding research into the community banking sector. Not only does he give the reader a blueprint for how to find the diamonds, but he lays out specific details that ensure you will not go away without some treasures for your portfolio. Highly recommend you subscribe to this newsletter in combination with Melvin's Banking on Profit Portfolio -- the combination is powerful!

Excellent coverage of small bank investing opportunities.

I have created a portfolio of about 15 cheap banks based on Tim's recommendations. I have noticed the portfolio hardly feels any ripples from the current up down market.

Very happy with the newsletter. I have gained 18% return so far. Very good insights about community banks.

Fantastic resource

This is a great product

Good stuff!

Great insight.