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Options Trading. Straight up buying to open calls and puts; sell to close for profits or cut losses. Both technical analysis and fundamentals are used on trade decision making. The duration of the trades is mostly a couple of days to a few days, but sometimes they can last for more than a few weeks.


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About Andy Wang

HappyTrading, a.k.a. Andy Wang, graduated from the University of California, at Berkeley, with a dual degree in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering, honors. He was also a high school valedictorian and was on the Berkeley Unive…

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The performance in this product is much better than happy trades. But it can be improved further.

difficult for me to follow

I am very impressed with the results. I also appreciated the quick reply to my earlier comment. Thank you.

No stars. Lost money big time on this trading service. He literally puts on a trade and closes it less than an hour later. He will sell a SPY out position on Fri afternoon right in front of the close and buy it Mon right after the opening bell--same month and strike. I could go on.

Andy's flexible trading style rapidly adapts not only to changing market conditions but to the typical or idiosyncratic price movements of individual stocks. Not only that he's really nice and takes a moment now and then to explain his thinking and view of the market. I've traded with him on and off for many years.

I have followed Andy Wang for several years and he is without a doubt the most direct and straightforward with his market calls and placement of trades. It is difficult to follow so many nuances of option trading so it is refreshing to have a guide who keeps it simple to buy calls on what is expected to go up and buy puts on what is expected to go down. His calls are published real time and the results are remarkable in a world where much lower returns are trumpeted. As with any market strategy, I would recommend anyone who wishes to trade options educate themselves with the appropriate size trades in relation to their accounts and with how much volatility they are comfortable. Beyond that, Andy is the best I have ever seen.

Excellent site....Andy keeps risks low and doesn't over trade....

Very Very impressed! Winners are big and losses are small. Thank you Andy!

so far- after 5 days- excellent. You need to be near computer ready to trade. Good calls

This is a product that has caught my attention. More then other services I have had.

trades are often difficult to replicate. results published are not accurate. you can never achieve those gains. would not recommend.

the Maven makes good moves but the system gives so much delay that often on an Intraday trade I buy at his exit price! Therefore it is very difficult to achieve the same performance. Also the communication is inexistent. I left messages on several occasions and never got any replies. I'm out

Buy and Sell triggers are very rarely obtainable. The position has moved by the time orders are submitted. It would be nice if there was a range of some sort when announced.

Great service, easy to use website