Options Animal

Investing Education

When OptionsANIMAL was created, our goals were simple. Provide a world class online trading education devoted to empowering retail traders via a convenient online format; and couple this education with proven expertise and support.

The platform would need to meet the busy demands of our clients by offering multiple delivery applications and back it up with a quality classroom experience. We set out to create the most complete and comprehensive options trading education anywhere. That was our goal and we believe we’ve met it. We had a vision of improving our students' quality of life by empowering them with the proper skills to protect their money, well-being, and retirement.

Currently, we offer 49 online trading classes on topics ranging from stock market basics to double diagonals and trade adjustments. With OptionsANIMAL, you get a complete education. Our proven strategies will teach you to be successful options traders in any market condition.

Perhaps the most vibrant part about OptionsANIMAL is our options trading community. Our community is comprised of thousands of students led by seasoned professional coaches. Our instructors are all traders first. Every one of them is actively trading, and doing so successfully in the stock market. They have all been in your shoes and sought out an education program to help them reach their investing goals. Our coaches are products of the education OptionsANIMAL provides, and share a common passion for helping others on the road to successful investing.