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Tom Shaughnessy is a MicroCap analyst focusing on extremely under-the-radar companies. Tom's focus is technology companies, with a strong emphasis on management teams, the opportunity for viral growth, low institutional ownership, high margins and high recurring revenue. Tom focuses on 2-4 high opportunity companies per year. Tom focuses on extensive research to cover every base to find only the most attractive, undiscovered and opportunistic MicroCap investments available. Tom began his investment career at the young age of 12.

Sujan Lahiri found a couple of years ago, that the micro-cap space is riddled with price inefficiencies and is the most attractive part of the stock market to focus on as an individual investor. His specialty is to spot the ‘hidden gem’, the undiscovered micro-cap stock trading at a deep discount to what is 'fair''. These opportunities provide a big edge for substantial returns in the market. By embracing and implementing this investment philosophy, Sujan has substantially outperformed the market since then. Sujan began his investment career at the young age of 16.